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5 Benefits of REMPARK

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Do you know the benefits which REMPARK provides? This device which determines and lists the diverse symptoms that are associated with the movement disorder which the disease Parkinson entails and which makes it possible to observe its evolution, offers a lot of benefits. Today we will present five of them to you:

1. It gives patients and their families confidence and security because they can count on a helpful technological device in the daily life with the disease.

2. It offers remote assistance by doctors. This feature is very interesting because you can count on an immediate professional intervention or a guided intervention by distance, should it be necessary. This means an improvement of the quality of life of patients.

3. It collects daily data of the patients and allows to learn more about the disease. This is useful when it comes to the individual so that every patient can be treated in a personal way, as well as when it comes to the general so that treatments and improvements for the future can be studied.

4. It reduces the need of hospitalization of patients thanks to the easy way of preventing crises which would result in the admittance to the hospital. Apart from being another improvement for the comfort of patients and their families, it is also a way of saving in the economic and administrative area for the public health and care system, as well as for the private medical services, insurances and mutual insurance companies.

5. It improves the health assistance at home and contributes to extend the working life. All this is again an economic way to save for the system and an improvement of the well-being of the patient.